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Tech-E Teach

A program aimed at helping educators provide more for their students.

Building future educators

A new grant funded program that is focused on growing our future technology enabled teachers. This program kicks off this Spring 2020 and will teach K-12 teachers/administrators about a wide range of current and future technologies/pedagogies so they can begin planning and implementing them in their day to day curriculums in the local community.

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Learn together with us

The program participants will also get a chance to be a part of the Learning Environments Tech-E program which currently works with almost 60,000 K-12 students on an annual basis and allows our UTEP students a chance to get to teach, mentor, and grow their STEAM skills through working with K-12 students.

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Be a part of a bigger community of educators

We are actively working on growing our K-12 community skills to empower our future UTEP students with cutting edge technology skills and as well as their educators.

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