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Summer Camps

Summer camps are our core programs where we focus on engaging students in technology fields at an early age to promote skills development and field interest

Connect them to UTEP through the exploration of in-demand professions prior to college entry.

Promote S.T.E.A.M. and multidisciplinary field thinking much earlier in the pipeline, and explore emerging new fields of scholarship such as computational media through hands-on activities.

Camp 2

Develop technical skills through hands-on activities. Make early connections between students’ future job interests and future fields of study through topics and activities

Promote parent-child discussion of career choices and pathways to social mobility through take-home activities that explore field and degree/career options directly related to student’s interests.

Camp 1

Encourage social mobility by exposing students to a wide range of possible future job choices within tech fields and explore degree options to pursue those goals.

Provide an experience that is entertaining and promotes longer term learning beyond the program by providing students with take-home kits which are readily adaptable for future learning experiences, projects, and designs.

Camp 3

If you are intered in joining the Tech-E 2021 cohort please click here